Super Powers For Startups


If you work in startup you’re already spinning many plates. A super important one is creating elegant customer experiences that enthuse and engage via your app, marketing website and comms collateral. This is where we can help.

As a bolt on to your existing team, or as a standalone agency we can help you attract and retain the right clients through delicious UI and UX including the front end build. We design & code.

We do 3 things super well: Brand ID (look and feel), UX driven User Interfaces (web and native) and Front End Development (language agnostic).

First impressions count and then keeping that client is king. Get it right and you’ll achieve those hockey stick graphs on your investor decks. Get it wrong, and well, I hear Starbucks are hiring.


Our mission – Create client clicks.

#design thinking

How we do
what we do

We use Design Thinking to drive our simple design and build process. It’s a test driven iterative approach that supports creating a brand, the user interface, as well as the build.








Brilliant brands don’t bounce

A brand is not just a logo, it’s defined by how people talk about you when you’re not in the room. Creating an aligned brand that sells is super hard, takes time and you sometimes have to be careful not to get lost in your own backside during the process. Our goal is to avoid the BS, stay on time, target and create brand assets that your clients want to lick. We can start from scratch, or iterate on what you already have to create a brand that sells and doesn’t bounce.



CX, UX, UI and other acronyms

We bring ideas to life. Steps 2-4 of design thinking are all about visual planning and prototyping of your brand, site or app. We start creating stunning customer experiences by bringing the ‘thing’ to life in a test tube, so the whole team can get a feel for it in the real world. We scamp, wireframe, design and prototype to touch and play with all aspects of your brand, website or product. Then test, tweak and do it all over again.



Down and dirty in the engine room

Building product means generating 1s and 0s, creating code that works and marrying it with your commercial model. We do all aspects of the front end build, in other words anything that your client touches from design to build. Being able to design and code means nothing gets lost in translation. We work with any and all front end languages and libraries – HTML, Javascript, CSS being the obvious ones, with experience integrating Ruby, Python, PHP and more. Web and native apps.